Media Storm

Media Storm

Media Storm is an interactive advertising agency who has created memorable campaigns for NBC, FOX, Food Network, Sony, and Paramount. The principals envisioned a work environment that doesn’t feel like work, which makes employees and clients feel both inspired and at home.

DHD created an open, “studio-like” work space with no visible hierarchy. The bright, airy studio space is designed with a single, continuous folding work surface running east to west, which anchors the studio, and contributes a human scale to the space. There are a variety of casual meeting spaces, each with a unique character, like a collection of stage or TV sets. Only one formal conference room exists and in it is an artist- installed rope ceiling. “Green” principles were employed throughout, and include vintage theatre seats, a feature wall of salvaged TV sets, reclaimed barn wood siding, the retention of various MEP systems, and the use of recycled or environmentally friendly finishes, furniture, and lighting.