Landbrot Bakery

Landbrot Bakery

The project was a full interior and exterior gut of a long-vacated night club in the West Village of Manhattan. The new retail design incorporated a sales floor at street level, additional seating at a mezzanine level, and a top floor on-site bakery. The design integrates classic West Village café elements with subtle nods to the traditional Bavarian architecture near the owner’s home. A reinterpretation of a baker’s rack becomes a focal point in the double-height space along the display window. Rustic wood, blackened steel, and marble are used extensively to create the balance of organic and industrial elements.


  • Project Architect: Ben Fuqua
  • Restaurant Consultants: Cenk and Courtney Fikri
  • Stylist: Courtney Fikri
  • Designed in collaboration with Cenk Fikri Inc.
  • Photography by William Brinson -
  • Photography by David Jacquot -