Mercer Street Loft

Mercer Street Loft

This Soho loft was created in close collaboration between DHD Interiors, Architecture, and the client, where the design celebrates both classic, historical elements and modern twists. Art played a crucial role within the interiors, and the client’s adventurous, eclectic tastes were communicated through vibrant area rugs, unique furniture, and special pieces like the weathered sandstone bench. The fourteen foot dining table creates a spacious and ideal environment for entertaining guests, which is set against a whimsical wall mural done by the client’s friend. The master bedroom and bath’s environments were designed to a slightly softer feel, with deep, warm reds as accents and a radiant, wood veneer wallpaper to complete the space.


  • 1 Bedroom / 1,850 Square Feet
  • Photography by Ariadna Bufi